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High quality and specialized counseling

for the whole family, even the little ones.

High quality and specialized counseling

for the whole family, even the little ones.

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Parent Coaching

Do you ever wish a counselor could just come to your home and see your child in action?Coaching sign

Do you wish you could get direct coaching on how to handle certain behaviors with your child while they are happening?

Well now you can!


Parent Coaching is where a counselor or coach can directly guide you through new ways of parenting or helping your child with difficult behaviors and emotions.  

Often parents, teachers, and caregivers wish the counselor could come see the child in his/her daily environment in order to really understand what they are talking about.  This is beneficial for the counselor as well in order to evlaute more accurately what might be troubliing the child, or what he/she might need from the caregivers.  

Parent Coaching can be provided in a variety of ways:

  • Some initial observation time for the coach is most beneficial.  However, a description from the caregivers can be a place to start as well.
  • The coach/counselor can come to the home, or if permitted to the school, to observe the children and others with them.  Coaching can continue in this setting, or continue in the office setting.
  • Telephone sessions are an option as well, and eventually online video options will be an option.  
  • Coaching could be the only service you need or want, or it can supplement the counseling you are getting in the office.  



Parent Coaching is a cash service.  Insurance coverge for counseling is only covered in the office setting.  

Cost is $140.00 per hour, including travel time.  Other options may be available due to financial hardship.  You make talk with the therapists directly about that.  


Our specialized child therapists Amy Luebke and Lori McDaniel are offering these parent coaching services at this time.  


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