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High quality and specialized counseling

for the whole family, even the little ones.

High quality and specialized counseling

for the whole family, even the little ones.

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Couples Counseling Fast Track

Fast Track / Intensives 
Couples counseling intensives are a cluster of consecutive sessions to help a couple (or individual) get to the the heart of the matter quickly.

It can take several weeks of one hour sessions to get the ball rolling in typcial therapy.  You need to meet the therapist, tell them your situation, get individual histories and assessments, and then finally start getting to work.  

Intensives are designed to help couples get some needed changes or decisions right away. They are very efficient because they provide for more concentrated time to work through problems.  In weekly shorter sessions you have to travel back and forth and arrange for time in your schedule to only have a small amount of time to work deeply.  If you have been in counseling before, you know how fast that hour goes!

Intensives are really helpful and popular for couples who are:

  • Struggling after a discovered affair or betrayal
  • On the brink of divorce
  • Struggling with a recent trauma or difficult life change
  • Unable to make weekly appointments due to distance or busy schedules
  • Simply interested in working through concerns more quickly and efficiently
  • Helping a healthy relationship become more intimate, fun, or satisfying again
  • Looking for a jump start to counseling before the regularly scheduled sessions 

A common schedule for an intensive is:

  1. Individual phone calls with each partner to get each partner's perspective, goals for the intensive, and a bit of history.  (About 1 hour each)  These are done prior to meeting so that you and the therapist can hit the ground running when you are in session together. This will help you make the most of your session time.
  2. Set up 2-3 consecutive days for sessions, 2-3 hours each day.  (Commonly Friday evening and Saturday morning for those traveling a distance.)

Intensives are a cash service only, typcially $150.00 per hour.

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