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Sex Therapy

Sexual Health and Relationship Counseling

Sex Therapy is a vast category of therapy that addresses sexually related concerns such as sexual dysfunction, health and aging, pleasure and libido, gender and identity issues, sexual minorities in orientation and style, abuse and trauma, and more.  

We maintain a relationship focus when helping clients with sexual health and concerns.  Sexual issues are best addressed both individually and together with a partner if you have one.  

Sex is a "couple issue," not just "your problem," when you are in a relationship.  So it's important to involve your partner at some point in the process if you are in a relationship. Sex Therapy. middle aged man and woman putting heads together on the kitchen counter 

Sexual health and performance issues we currently address include:

  • Low libido, lack of desire (for women and men)
  • Sexless marriages and relationships (sex is infrequent or not existent)
  • Different levels of interest and desire for partners
  • Power imbalances in the relationship where it feels like one partner controls the sexual relationship
  • Function and performance, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse, lack of orgasm, etc.
  • Sexual avoidance and fears.
  • Considering different sexual styles or options for your relationship, such as open marriage
  • Issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Reviving and maintaining sexual connection in long term relationships
  • Sexual health and performance changes over the life span
  • Helping teens and young adults develop healthy sexual boundaries and relationships
  • Healing from sexual harm or abuse (recent or past events)
  • We work with heterosexual and LGBTQ clients.

About Sex Addiction:

There is a lot of controversy around sex "addiction."  We do not consider our services to meet the expectations of treating sex addiction.  

Sometimes, however, compulsive sexual behavior is only one type of compulsive behavior the person engages in. He or she might also compulsively eat, watch TV or surf the internet, play video games, exercise, etc.  We certainly help people struggling with compulsive behaviors in general.

However, if it seems the only compulsive behavior is around sex, it would be advised to seek out services for "sex addiction" such as at the University of Minnesota Sexual Health Center.  

Sexual health and relationship counseling is always done in a respectful and cautious manner, moving at a pace that the client is comfortable with.  It is expected that the therapists and clients maintain appropriate boundaries at all times.  If it is determined that boundaries are not being respected, therapy will be terminated.

(There is never any sexual touch, video, or display of any kind in the therapy process.)


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